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What Is A Floor Puzzle

What's a floor puzzle?

It's a puzzle you build on the floor - Duh!

Yeah, but you can build any puzzle on the floor.

A floor puzzle is made for the floor, and not other surfaces. Most floor puzzles are for little children who play on the floor. The puzzle is big but it does not have many pieces. This means that the puzzle pieces are big - big enough for a small child to hold in two hands.

For little children, giant puzzles on the floor are not just fun, they also provide stimulation for learning and development. To pick up a big puzzle piece with two hands, carry it to where it belongs, and set it in the right place joining its neighboring pieces, requires many skills that a toddler is new at. Recognizing patterns, and eye-hand coordination are just two of the skills that floor puzzles help to develop.

As with any puzzle, floor puzzles provide a cognitive aspect to having fun. While children enjoy putting puzzles together, they also have opportunities for learning new things about the world. Floor puzzles can be used for acquainting children with letters of the alphabet, numbers, different animals, different kinds of stores, and just about anything.

What about floor puzzles for adults?

Floor Tiles Are A Kind Of Floor Puzzle

If you use your imagination, you could probably think of a game or floor mat strictly for adults. But the reality is, no such idea seems to have taken off. Adults don't spend so much time playing on the floor. And if they do, there are multitudes of challenging jigsaw puzzles of regular size for adults to occupy their time.

Floor puzzles are best used by those people who live closest to the floor - small children. They have proven to be not only a source for entertainment, but also a means for stimulating learning and development. While the rest of the family gathers around a table to solve intricate puzzles, the toddler is right at home on the floor, with a floor puzzle.

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