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Porta Puzzle And Puzzle Roll

Here is an ideal roller puzzle mat for puzzles of up to 3,000 pieces. On this specially designed mat you can build the puzzle and store it.

First you assemble the cardboard tubes together. Lay the tube down at the edge of the mat. Then roll the mat and puzzle around the tube. After that just secure the fastening strips, and the puzzle is ready to be stored. Transport it easily.

Ready to get going again and pick up where you left off? That's easy because the puzzle will be in the same position as when you rolled it up.


They call this a porta-puzzle. It is ideal for building, sorting, storing and transporting puzzles of up to 1000 pieces.

Open the porta-puzzle on a flat surface and take out the puzzle board. You can lay it down flat on the table of course. You could also place it at an angle. Just fold the lid and secure it in the slots provided and start puzzling.

The special lining ensures that the puzzle pieces stay in place. You can attach the lid of the puzzle box to the mat using the clip. This means you always have the image at hand for reference.

The four handy trays can be used to sort the puzzle pieces. Ready to store your puzzle? simply put the puzzle board back in the porta-puzzle. Close the lid securely using the velcro fastening strips. You can now store and transport the porta-puzzle and keep your partly completed jigsaw puzzle safe.

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