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Enhance Child Development With Peg Boards

After a child has really mastered gross motor coordination used in chunky puzzles, they're ready for the smaller peg puzzles. These require fine motor coordination.

The pincer skill is the next level up after they've mastered gross motor coordination . There are a whole host of puzzles with small pegs. A favorite is, of course, the alphabet. This is wonderful for learning letters.

Alphabet peg puzzle has a corresponding animal under the piece. Some have Spanish words underneath. It's a wonderful association skill. Kids love removing all the pieces, and spreading them around the floor.

Before they put the piece back in you can ask them, "Okay, 'A' is for what animal?" They have to answer that before they put the piece in. You can play a lot of games with these puzzles. It builds perfect. Fine motor coordination.

All in all, peg boards are highly beneficial to a child's development of motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination. Take advantage of this website to find peg puzzles for your child.

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